Discover Java 17's best features for developers

In September 2021, Oracle released Java 17, which meant a whopping 6 new versions in less than 3 years. Despite this rapid succession, JDK17 brings exciting new features. Developers can explore the future. Curious about the possibilities of JDK 17? Let's explore.

Accelerated JDK development

Oracle's decision to look back six versions is not arbitrary. Since 2018, Oracle has been releasing a new version every six months, aiming for an LTS (Long Term Support) release every two years, although this is not quite on track yet. JDK 17, an LTS release, is expected to be succeeded by Java 21 in 2023.

New Features versus preview features

Oracle's faster release schedule allows new features to be tested before formal inclusion. For one or two releases, developers can work with these features as previews, such as JEP 359 Records. Activating preview features involves adding '-enable-preview' as a compiler argument.

Top 3 Features of JDK 17

As an LTS release, Java 17 is expected to be widely adopted. Three notable features deserve attention in this release:

  1. Local variable type inference: Simplifies Java code by letting the compiler determine variable types, reducing the number of lines of code.
  2. Improved switch: Introduces switch expressions, eliminating the need for excessive interrupt instructions.
  3. Pattern cecognition with instanceof: Streamlines code by allowing immediate action based on the outcome of the instanceof operator.

Java 17 Introduces Exciting Innovations

Java 17 is packed with innovations. From local variable type inference to improved switches and pattern recognition, these features simplify coding. For Java developers who want to make use of the latest JDK, Java 17 offers a compelling toolkit.

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