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You want to develop further as a (front-end) web developer and are ready for your next career step. But now you need the job, assignment or working environment that exactly matches your future wishes. Experience how easy it is to find that match through Spilberg's network. Because your web development skills are in demand and we know with whom. 

About Front-end & Web Development?

Web development is the creation and maintenance of websites, divided into two main categories: back-end (the server, database side) and front-end (the user interface). Front-end developers work on the visual and interactive aspect of websites, using languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. With the increasing need for interactive, personalised and mobile-optimised web experiences, developers are in high demand for developing PWAs, SPAs, responsive websites, e-commerce platforms and for integrating AI and Machine Learning. 

Spilberg's approach

By listening to you carefully and focusing on one IT specialism, one contract type and one region, our account managers and recruiters know exactly which vacancy or client in our network suits you. We will guide and support you during and after your application process and can mediate any type of contract for you. Tell us your ambitions and wishes, and we will work together to shape your future. 

Where will you be working

As a Front-end or Web developer, you can work anywhere. Whether you are interested in working in Green Energy, Finance, the insurance or logistics sector, or are good at making websites accessible. Spilberg's network offers you a wide variety of interesting opportunities. Let's get acquainted and find your ideal match quickly!


Full Stack Web Development

As a Full Stack developer, you can build and talk in all areas. You know your way around both backends and front-ends (e.g. ReactJS, but also older frameworks like Wicket), as well as having knowledge of various testing frameworks and putting code live.

Front-end Web Development

As a Front-end Web developer, you know all about modern frameworks (e.g. React, Vue or Angular) and JavaScript, have knowledge of responsive design, progressive web apps, optimisation for speed and accessibility, and experience with API integrations and version control (e.g. Git). 

Backend Web Development

Is your strength on the backend? We have Backend Web Development vacancies, including for developers who are good at server-side scripting with Node.js, PHP, Ruby on Rails, or Golang. You have experience with databases like MongoDB and MySQL, knowledge of API development, security practices, scalability, and are familiar with cloud services like AWS or Azure.

UI/UX Development

As a UI/UX developer, you enjoy working with modern design tools (e.g. Figma), have knowledge of user-centred design, interaction design, animation, and experience with current digital accessibility guidelines such as WCAG. 

Front-end & Web Development


Wide choice of employers

From start-up to multinational, you'll find them in our network. Check out our partners.

The experience of

Java Developer Sergey

"Thanks to Spilberg, I found a really nice team to work with at this multinational company. I could never have secured this freelance assignment on my own."

The experience of

MSC Antwerp - IT Manager Frank

"I have a great relationship with the Spilberg team. They're quick to respond, maintain close contact, and that means a lot to me."

From consulting to permanent: choose what suits you best

Through Spilberg, you will find that unfindable ideal job or assignment in Front-end or Web Development that matches your ambition, wishes and skills. And fast! From innovative startups to well-known multinationals, we have them in our network and offer any type of contract: from consulting to permanent and everything in between. 


Join Spilberg as a Front-end or Web developer and start your consulting project at one of our clients. 

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Find a permanent job in Front-end or Web Development that suits your ambitions, wishes and skills.

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