Human touch makes the difference

With over 30 years under his belt at the Mediterranean Shipping Company in Antwerp, IT Manager Frank has seen it all. Transitioning from forwarding, handling, and operations to the IT department over a decade ago, he's still far from calling it quits. As the company continues to expand, and the business keeps evolving, Frank remains committed to staying ahead. To ensure he gets the right people on board at the right time, he frequently turns to Spilberg and other brands under the Vibe Group umbrella for recruitment services.

Navigating the dynamic world of logistics

MSC stands as the world's largest container shipping line, operating 800 vessels across 300 trade routes, ensuring timely delivery of goods and services to customers of all industries and sizes. Offering transportation by land, sea, and now air. Alongside a growing portfolio of investments in port terminals, MSC Group employs over 200,000 people worldwide, with 675 offices spanning 155 countries. It's a dynamic company, with business expansion constantly bringing new challenges to the forefront.

Technical professionals with business acumen

Frank's experience speaks volumes. Since 1993, he's witnessed various operational facets within the international transportation sector. In 2004, he was tasked with establishing an operations team. After building a robust team of 46 individuals, he transitioned to IT in 2013. The types of professionals required for the expanding IT department range from business and functional analysts to product owners, Biztalk, DBAs, Delphi, and .NET developers. While coding and programming skills are paramount in recruitment, understanding the business side of an organisation gives candidates an edge.

Bridging the gap between business and IT

As a jack-of-all-trades, Frank is acutely aware of the gap between business and IT. In fact, this discrepancy was the driving force behind his career shift: "With my knowledge, I was determined to bridge the gap. But there's a massive disparity between the two worlds. I still haven't entirely succeeded. And if I'm honest, I think it'll be a lifetime achievement..." By bringing business-minded individuals onboard to collaborate with seasoned developers on IT projects, he hopes to foster mutual understanding.

The experience of

MSC Group - IT Manager Frank

"It’s Spilberg’s human touch that makes the collaboration so successful. They're always willing to help, even with special requests. It's often tailored service."

The strong relationship with Spilberg

Frank's closer collaboration with Spilberg (a part of Vibe Group) began a year ago when he assumed his current role as IT manager. To source the right talent, beyond their internal recruitment policies, MSC works with three preferred supplier recruiters. Vibe Group being one of them. Despite the barrage of daily calls from other agencies eager to work with MSC, they are highly satisfied with the current arrangement. Every vacancy is shared with all three agencies. And the first to provide a suitable match seals the deal.

"I have a great relationship with the Spilberg team. They're quick to respond, maintain close contact, and that means a lot to me. We speak regularly, and not just about business. Football or the city of Antwerp are also popular topics of conversation. It's that human touch that makes the collaboration so successful. They're always willing to help, even with special requests. It's often tailored service." Currently, 9 out of 22 external consultants are placed through Vibe Group.

Passion for the industry

Shipping over 22.5 million containers annually, MSC faces the significant challenge of developing both new and existing systems while ensuring seamless operations. Frank eloquently captures the allure of the logistics world: "Developing software for this industry attracts many developers. It's more exciting than building something for contracts or finance. There are always opportunities, always new projects. I've seen many people come and far fewer leave. This industry truly sparks the imagination."

The possibilities within a company like MSC are endless, spanning IT, business, communication, as well as cruises, air freight, and container terminals. Frank sees plenty of challenges ahead: "When I started in this role, we had about 8 people in Antwerp. Now, we've grown to a team of 68. And technological advancements in our industry never cease. I know where I started, and by now, I also have an idea of where I'll likely end."