Freelancing in IT Development & Testing: pros and cons

In recent years, we have noticed a growing demand for specialists in IT Development and Testing. There is an increasing demand for both permanent positions and freelance vacancies within these fields. Many professionals in IT Development and Testing are starting to wonder whether it is worthwhile to become self-employed.

Spilberg is in regular contact with salaried and self-employed specialists within IT Development and Testing. Therefore, we have listed the pros and cons for you.

The advantages of self-employment

  1. Flexibility in work
    As a self-employed professional, you are in control of your own work schedule and location. This offers the freedom to balance work and private life according to your preferences.
  2. Diverse projects
    Self-employment opens doors to various projects and assignments. It is an opportunity to diversify your IT skills and specialise in a variety of technologies.

  3. Financial autonomy
    Being self-employed gives you control over your rates and finances. Direct payments and managing your own budget give financial transparency.

  4. Independent growth
    Entrepreneurship allows you to build your own business and strengthen your personal brand. This can lead to industry recognition and valuable networking connections.

The disadvantages of freelancing

  1. Income insecurity
    The lack of a fixed salary brings income fluctuations. Financial planning is crucial to deal with this variability.

  2. Lack of fringe benefits
    Self-employed people often lack fringe benefits unless they organise them themselves. This includes things like pension schemes and insurance.

How we can make your life easier as a freelancer in IT Development and Testing

How we can make your life easier as a freelancer in IT Development and Testing

As Spilberg, we are at your side during your journey to entrepreneurship. We have the network that is often lacking in start-ups. Thanks to our years of experience in the IT Development and Testing market, we are always aware of the latest assignments and can introduce you to various potential clients.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts about taking the step to self-employment. We will gladly share more information about the opportunities on the market without any obligation. Already convinced? Then take a look at our freelance development vacancies. Not sure whether we also serve your specialism? Then consult our overview of data expertise.