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As a Mendix developer, you are responsible for building and improving applications within the Low-code software platform Mendix. Discover the versatility of a career as a Mendix developer through Spilberg, with employers in various sectors such as government agencies, financial institutions, insurance companies and logistics companies. From startup to large corporations, they are eager to develop new applications with you in no time! 

WHAT IS Mendix and Low-code?

Mendix is a high-productivity platform for software development used to build mobile and web applications. It is developed from Low-code, meaning users can design and develop applications without having to write a lot of code. Developing software with Mendix offers many benefits. It is relatively simple, applications can be built quickly. It is easy to integrate with existing ERP systems, CRM software, databases and cloud services. And Mendix offers flexibility. Applications can easily   scale up as an organisation's needs change. 

The choice of Mendix and similar Low-code platforms is often driven by the need for a fast, flexible and cost-effective way of software development, accessible to a broader range of employees within an organisation.

Our approach

By listening carefully to you and focusing on one IT specialization, one type of employment and one region, our consultants know exactly which vacancy or client in our network suits you best. We guide and support you during and after your application process and can mediate any type of employment for you. Tell us your ambitions and preferences, and together we will work towards shaping your future.

What does a Mendix developer do?

As a Mendix developer, you work closely with the end user of the application. You are strong in communication and skilled at translating the user's requirements into solutions, which you often develop together. Depending on your new workplace, it is advantageous to have knowledge of the ERP system, the CRM software or the cloud services that your new employer uses. For more advanced roles, knowledge of Java will help you provide advanced custom solutions that go beyond Mendix's standard functionalities. Spilberg offers roles for Mendix developers at all levels in various sectors. 

Mendix & Low-code


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"Found the right candidates quickly and efficiently through Spilberg." 

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Find the elusive ideal job or assignment in Mendix & Low-code that matches your ambition, preferences and skills through Spilberg. And quickly! From innovative startups to well-known multinationals, we have them in our network, we introduce you and can mediate any type of employment for you: from freelance to permanent and everything in between.


Work as a Freelance Mendix or Low-code developer for various clients on a project basis. 

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Join us as a Mendix or Low-code professional and be seconded to our clients. 

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