The top five tools for .NET Developers

.NET, Microsoft's beloved framework, remains a favourite among developers for its versatility and user-friendliness. Here are five essential tools that can make .NET developers' lives significantly easier:

1. ReSharper: Automatic Code-Analysis and Refactoring

 ReSharper, an extension for Visual Studio, provides automatic code analysis for the most widely used programming languages within .NET. Whether you are programming in C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, JavaScript, CSS, HTML or XML, ReSharper alerts you to errors while writing and immediately provides possible solutions ('quick-fixes'). Moreover, it offers handy code-refactoring functions, making cleaning up your code a breeze.

2. .NET Reflector: Readable Code Analysis and Decompilation

.NET Reflector is the ideal companion when you inherit a project without adequate documentation. This extension automatically analyses .NET code and produces readable code. It is even possible to decompile third-party assemblies to C#, VB.NET or IL, giving you insight into their operation and available APIs. It also supports debugging your own code.

3. LINQPad: Indispensable Tool for LINQ and Database Queries

For developers who often use LINQ to query data from databases, LINQPad is indispensable. It not only allows you to query almost any database structure, but also serves as a handy tool for testing code snippets. LINQPad is best known for its 'Dump' functionality, which converts code into nicely structured output for easy analysis.

4. Fiddler: The Essential Debugging Proxy for Web Developers

Web developers can sometimes get frustrated when a web page does not do what they have programmed. Fiddler then comes as a lifesaver. This tool intercepts all traffic over HTTP/S and works for all types of applications: web, mobile and desktop. With the Auto Responder, Fiddler can serve as a remote server for debugging. Since 2020, there has also been Fiddler Everywhere, which is compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux.

5. JSON Formatter: Make JSON files Readable and Debugable

JSON files can be tricky to read, but JSON Formatter & Validator makes it easy. This tool, mostly open-source, automatically formats JavaScript Object Notation files into readable code, making them easy to debug. It even corrects common errors, such as incorrectly placed quotes.


This is just a selection of the many tools available to improve the lives of .NET developers. Other valuable tools include ELMAH for ASP.NET debugging, NDepend for code analysis and statistics, and GitHub Desktop for smooth collaboration with GitHub. The possibilities are endless, so find out which tools best suit your development needs!

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