What type of Java Developer are you?

No software project or organisation is the same, and all Java Developers tend to have different talents and preferences. Working on a project that challenges your skills, in an environment and team where you feel comfortable as a person and developer, will make it easy to propel your career to the next level. We can support you all the way!

Specific developer, specific assignment

Java Developers come in various shapes and sizes. Our clients –ranging from start-ups to multinationals - are just as diverse. Assignments often fit a specific Developer profile. We already know our clients. Once we get to know you, we can quickly match you to a suitable temporary or permanent assignment.

​​Makers and crafters

Java Developers can automate anything that needs automation. In industries like the Payment industry, automated administrative processes need to run smoothly 24/7. In close collaboration with the Lead Engineer, you and your team ensure test coverage, maintenance and continuous improvement of the systems.

Craftsmanship is mastery. And to be honest, good is not good enough. This is how you recognise a Java Software Engineer. During Scrum, you enjoy being the Master. As a true craftsman, you build and test APIs and apps from scratch, ensuring they are fit for application in a high-performance multi-user environment. 

Building or maintaining apps

When building an app, as a Java Engineer or Java Software Architect, you work with all stakeholders to identify their needs. You and your team set to work to develop in a future-proof way. Instead of 'just building', you oversee and supervise the entire process. Therefore, your communication skills better be as good as your developer skills!

However, building an app from scratch might not actually be where your passion or challenge lies. Instead, you might be more interested in delving into existing apps to maintain or modernise them. This way you can make a difference within an organisation and ensure satisfied app users, for example as a System Engineer.

All-rounders and specialists

The description says it all: as a true all-rounder, you know a fair bit about everything. You are a Core Java Guru who has grown up with the Java programming language with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of application development; back-end, front-end, old and new frameworks, Java, Scala, Kotlin... the works. This makes you an interesting Developer for any employer.

However, you might be that needle in the haystack with knowledge of a specific integration tooling, such as ESB, Fuse or Camel. For example, for maintenance of a unique distribution platform based on Java, which was developed tailor-made for the client back in the days. Your specialist skills are often needed for temporary assignments in international teams with like-minded specialists.

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