As an experienced Java Developer, it goes without saying that you have mastered all the ins and outs of Java and its frameworks. To make yourself more versatile and interesting for a wider range of clients, it is beneficial to also have some experience with other programming styles or development methods.

Additional styles and development methods to delve into

Obviously, YOU decide which techniques and languages you would like to develop yourself in besides Java. You do whatever works best for you. However, we can help by letting you know you what styles and techniques are currently in demand. Do you have one of the following skills? In that case we have many interesting assignments and leading companies we can match you with.

Object Oriented Programming

Most web services have been developed and designed using the OOP principle. Therefore, Developers with in-depth knowledge of core OOP principles and implementation of key design patterns are in high demand. As a Java Developer with Object Oriented Programming skills, you will have a good basis for getting started in a wide range of companies. Our partners and clients are mostly large internationally operating organisations such as Energy, Logistics and Retail, with countless professional and private customers using the services you have developed. 

Functional Programming

Functional programming is a paradigm which can be applied in all software and therefore in all sectors. In practice, mainly companies with large code bases and extensive data opt for a functional language, such as Scala or Kotlin. Think of the systems of (inter)national parcel, courier and transport companies, large retail groups or digital platforms for healthcare providers. A large amount of data passes through these systems every day, resulting in interesting problems which obviously need to be solved. And that is exactly where you come in as a Java Developer with your Functional Programming skills.

​Cloud Computing Development

A rapidly increasing amount of companies are digitising their services. This allows them to broaden their customer base, improve the user experience and reduce the operational costs of operations that previously had to be performed manually. Almost every robust and scalable solution includes Cloud Computing and automated workloads deployed in the Cloud. As a result, Java Developers with Cloud Computing development skills are in high demand. Do you master them? We can introduce you to international clients in the E-commerce, Retail, Energy and Payment sectors, among others. ​

The experience of

Java Developer Vasilis

"With the help of Spilberg, I switched to Nike. The working environment suits me. You are encouraged to ask questions and are given room to learn."

Test Driven Development

Love writing clean code and developing high-quality software? Chances are you have embraced the Test Driven Development methodology. By capturing application functionality in tests before writing the code, you improve quality and maintainability and save valuable time that would otherwise go into tracking down hard-to-find errors and rework. It goes without saying that as a Java Developer with Test Driven Development skills, you are more than welcome in a wide range of teams within an even wider range of companies. Our clients are eager to get in touch with you. 

Full Stack Development

A Full Stack Developer can build and participate in various areas. Full stack Developers know their way around both (Java) back-ends and front-ends (e.g. ReactJS, but also older frameworks like Wicket), and have knowledge of various testing frameworks and putting code live. With their broad outlook and skills, they are a valuable part of any development team. Applications can be developed faster and more efficiently, without losing sight of functionality. Does all this sound familiar to you? We have vacancies for Java Developers with Full Stack skills on a regular basis, in either the commercial or public sector.